Raise It - Happiness & Gratitude Guided Meditation Audio MP3


Raise It - Happiness & Gratitude Guided Meditation Audio MP3


The ultimate moxie-magnifying meditation.  If you’re looking to up your feelings of happiness and enthusiasm for life then this one’s your ally.  Whether you’re feeling happy or sad - it will raise your joy levels to a place of deliciously divine elevation. You’ll skip away after this!  Track length: 9m.53s

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Gratitude is the Key to Contentment

Every time we feel genuine gratitude it lifts us up and out from any mood lower than delight.  When we choose  to see the positive, and feel the incredibleness of what we are experiencing, all fear dissipates.  That's because  gratitude comes from a place of love and where pure love energy  exists, there can be no fear.    

When we cultivate this feeling of gratitude intentionally and for a prolonged period of time,  it skyrockets our happiness.  It's the fastest and truest way to find joy!

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If you are purchasing  the Life Mastery course  then this MP3 comes as a complimentary gift.  If you buy this, and later choose to take the course, please get in touch and we'll refund you for the  track.