The Secret to Life & Happiness - The Unconditional Approach


Video Transcript:

The Secret to Life & Happiness - The Unconditional Approach

Given the nature of my business and my interests - which are centred around self-progression, love, happiness, connection and success; I read and play around with a lot of concepts.

There’s one word - or rather a meaning behind a word - which SO MUCH comes back to.  The word is ‘unconditional’.

With everything we strive for in our pursuit of happiness and self-progression, ultimately what we are trying to achieve is this unconditional status.  Let me explain what I mean…

Unconditional love for ourselves

Unconditional belief in ourselves

Unconditional belief in love

Unconditional faith in life

Unconditional belief in our abilities

Unconditional passion for pursuing our dreams

Unconditional love for others

Unconditional kindness to ourselves - and to others

You’re getting the gist!

Imagine...if we had all these aspects of our life mastered with ‘unconditional’ as the terms by which we live by…  

No more suffering, no more taking things personally, no more frustration with people, no more disbelief and fear of failure or rejection, no more being on hard on ourselves...

I have studied what is effectively the pursuit of unconditionalness - though without it being described as that - for many years.  And I can tell you that though I have got a lot of my life in order - I am far from being unconditional about everything so let’s be honest here, this is not an overnight fix - it’s a LIFELONG goal.  It’s like a beacon of light that will always navigate you.  It’s a benchmark to hold up to the flame - an everlasting question of truth - ‘am I being unconditional?

Let’s have a look at some examples of being unconditional….

So there’s the rejection example….in life and business we are going to get rejected.  If you’re an entrepreneur then you are likely to get rejected hundreds, or more likely thousands, of times.  The one who persists - because of their unconditional belief and faith in themselves and their projects are the ones who become successful.  It really is as simple as that.

Let’s take another example...if someone doesn’t have true, unconditional belief in themselves then they will be unnecessarily susceptible to other’s judgements, comments and actions. 

And another example - if you love yourself and life unconditionally - that’s no matter what - then you can weather anything - you can enjoy everything - for what it is.  Because your love for yourself and life are so robust that they can not break down at the onslaught of a challenge.

So how do we build up our stamina for being unconditional?

Well, largely it’s to live life.  

To see all challenges as events to grow from.

To see every moment as an opportunity to love ourselves - regardless of whether we are on track or off.

To practice, with every conversation and connection with another, unconditional kindness.

To allow unconditional acceptance of the moment and how we feel.

To cultivate unconditional acknowledgment of where another stands without the need to change them.

So I’m going to make a point of keeping the word ‘unconditional’ close to hand every day.  I believe it’s the perfect roadmap to true happiness and wisdom.

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