Self-Confidence. 12 Tricks to Feel Beautifully Confident.



Video Transcript:

Today I'm going to share with you 12 tricks to feel beautifully confident.  

There’s no doubt that having confidence increases the chances of a full range of life experiences, friendships, fun, connections, and career success.  Confidence helps us to give these a whirl to give yourself a boost....

  1. Realise that being confident IS what you desire - you’re here so you’ve got that one down.  Yay!  All self-progression starts with a decision. So make an intention, to yourself, that you'll move forwards in to living to your potential.  So go for it, right here, right now....say to yourself "I intend to be confident in every aspect of my life so I can transform in to my most powerful, positive and purposeful self".  Intentions are commitments to ourselves.  They tell our subconscious the direction we want to go in and when we have direction we have clarity and purpose.

  2. Remember you're amazing - I promise you that you are.  You just have to realise it, truly realise the depth of your amazingness - and feel it continuously.  And only you can do that.  It's what we're all striving for - and if you're watching this then you can do it - because you're willing to step up your effort and learning.  Ultimately when we're seeking external voices to tell us that we’re good enough it's actually ourselves needing to hear it from the inside. And when you do that - that’s when your external world is going to reflect it - that's when your whole life comes right.  Every day is an opportunity to learn to love and appreciate yourself.  Remember, you're important!  You're significant and the world needs you, the world wants you, that’s why you’re here.  Love yourself - not just for the good stuff but for the quirks as well

  3. You have got here.  You have got through life to this point.  No matter how you feel about yourself or how you feel like you have done - you’re here and the future is incredible, if you choose it to be

  4. The more you act with confidence, the more confident you'll become.  It's ok to not know how to be fully confident - just show up and practise.  You just have to be disciplined about it. Listen to any leader - they will tell you when they started doing whatever they’re now globally respected for - they didn’t know how to do it. I’ve seen a clip of Angelina Jolie on her first set saying she had no idea what she was doing.  Richard Branson - one of the world’s most revered business people couldn't remember the difference between profit and revenue for some time.  They didn’t use excuses or bow down to fear - because they had the willingness to be ok with not knowing how to do everything

  5. Do what you want to do, never mind what people have told you or what people might think, do it anyway! If it's safe and legal of course! You can even make a point to yourself by doing something you have wanted to do but have felt too 'silly' to do previously.  Feel the liberation from taking a brave step - you will see it’s not as hard as your mind told you it would be

  6. Remember that it's people who are authentically themselves - and therefore different to the crowd - that are admired and successful - think Miley Cyrus, Kate Bush and David Bowie.  And that's a universal thing. Be you, be your truth, follow your dreams

  7. Remember that no one is more deserving than you - everyone is equal.  You deserve to be here, and to live your dream just as much as the next person.  This is really important - so I'm going to say it again!  You deserve to be here, living your dream life  

  8. Believe in yourself and life as a whole.  Quit looking for reasons why you can't, and look for reasons you can.  Build up examples of proof for yourself.  Regret from not having the confidence to go out there will don't let that happen. It's never too late to get out there and prove to yourself how amazing you are

  9. Bear in mind Einsteins quote: "Everyone is a genius.  But if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree it will live it's whole life believing it is stupid" - so you don't need to be good at everything....which leads nicely on to....

  10. Not globalising failures.  Don't think that just because you mess something up that that needs to define you - just learn, get back up and keep believing in yourself. Keep it all in perspective

  11. Surround yourself with truly positive people, media and life circumstances.  Negative external environments breed fear and comparison.  Positive, supportive environments help us build up genuine confidence

  12. Keep learning and keep growing.  It's the natural way and by actively doing this it reminds you that you are valuable and are ensuring the longevity of your value - whether that's career-wise or in your personal life

    You can do it!  I believe in you!

What are your tricks to feel more confident?  I’d love to hear so please share your positivity in the comments section.  

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