How to Stop Worrying, Fear, Panic & Anxiety. Techniques to Feel Calm



Video Transcript

Did you know that the word 'worry' originally meant 'to strangle'.   Worry literally cuts off - strangles - our joy, our energy and our motivation and clarity.

In this video I'm going to give you TEN useful tricks to overcome worry and set yourself free.  And at the end of this video I'm going to give you some 'take home freebies' to boost your positivity even more!

1. So the very first step is to make the intention to be gentle and kind to ourselves through this.  Gentle and kind.  That's what we need when we're worrying - and at all other times!

2. Acknowledge that you're worrying.  Just be aware of it.  BUT, not in a cross or frustrated way - in a gentle, just-being-aware-of-it-Way.  Just notice it.  As soon as we step back in to this gentle, noticing role we step out of the thoughts that are churning around and into our TRUE SELF - the observer.  The OBSERVER is always calm.  You always have access to your inner, calm, observer.  It's just about bringing your consciousness - your awareness and focus - FROM being caught up WITH the turmoil...  to WATCHING the turmoil...knowing that the turmoil is not you.  This EMpowers YOU and DISempowers the worry.

3. From this position of conscious observer, you can befriend the worry.  Why would we do that?  Because when we dislike something and keep pushing it away it just comes back - you know that from when you've tried to stop worrying before.  So, what we need to do, is just allow it.  It can sound counterintuitive to allow something we don't want, but the worry is already there so by allowing it we can let it pass through us instead of blocking it within.  So allow the worry to be - and to flow.  By facing it square-on you can release it.

4.  Remember that you are MUCH stronger than you think.  You can deal with whatever is troubling you.  You can do it.  Even if it feels completely overwhelming - you will get through it. 

5. I think of worry as your brain desperately trying to solve a problem.  Obviously some sources of worry we can resolve and work out - but some, perhaps most, are out of our hands.  For example if you're worrying about what is going to happen in the future - that's impossible for the brain to resolve!  But either way - whether it's something you can resolve or not - you need to give your brain a rest.  Being in a state of mental panic is not a good place to be creative or intuitive.  So tell yourself to take a rest from trying to resolve the problem.  You may find it helpful to do a visualisation of yourself releasing this need to solution find - for example, passing your worries up to the sky.  Even if it's just letting go of solution finding for an hour, or a day - or ten minutes even - just get used to knowing that you don't have to solve everything right now because that's overwhelming - sometimes you just need to let go a bit, to find inspiration, or to let life resolve it for you.  

6.  Find something you can do which temporarily DEmotes the analytical, rational brain and PROmotes the creative, intuitive brain.  I've recently got back in to a childhood activity - colouring in!  I bought some brightly coloured pens and a colouring in book and it really slows me down - I can drift off in to it.  Another way is to listen to guided meditations.  You can find guided meditations on the Bountologist website - and you will get a lovely, reassuring morning meditation audio track for free - I'll give you details on how to do that in a minute.

7.  Because 'worry' is essentially 'fear' it's stirs up the 'fight or flight' part of the nervous system.  So our bodies cleverly produce adrenaline and other stress hormones to get us out of what it has evolved to think of as a survival situation - for thousands of years we've been running from conflicting tribes or bears or other physical dangers.  But given that our worries are seldom about physical situations anymore we need to deal with these physical hormones.  I thoroughly recommend a walk, or run, or a YouTube exercise video.  All of which are free - can be done in 15 minutes or so - and will really change your physiology.  If you can get out in to nature for a walk or run, then even better.  

8.  This is a little trick I have started to do personally, it just happened organically.  My future self - who is always calm, positive, knowing and successful - appears in my mind.  I see her calm face and hear her reassuring words which are usually something like "this is right, this is the right path" or "you can do this".  Often there are no words - but always a smile. Seeing this make me feel that everything is ok because if she is there in the future then whatever I am doing must be right.  Whether this works for you or not, I don't know!  It's a new one for me which feels like an evolution of how I'm reading my intuition - so it may not be your cup of tea - but I'm sharing in case it does help you too!  

9. By this point in the process you'll hopefully feel a lightening, a calmness, an ok-ness.  Which is the perfect time to start thinking about all the positives in your life - everything you're grateful for.  If you can write them down that's ever better.  But start - and grow - a LONG list of everything that is RIGHT.  Start with generalised factors of your life such as you have air to breathe, you have food, you have a bed to sleep in....and then keep going, allowing them to get more specific - keep the positives going, and going - you can find hundreds!  This brings your attention to everything that is right, it gives you more context on life and it gets you going on a positive momentum.  We feel a wide range of emotions but essentially there are two ends of the emotional spectrum - fear and love.  Worry obviously sits under the fear end.  Gratitude is firmly on the love end.  So by focusing on gratitude, you're literally pulling your energy out of fear and in to love and well-being.  

10. Now is the time to tell yourself that you love yourself - we don't do this enough when we feel good, let alone when we feel off.  But when we feel upset is when we most need to hear it.  So tell yourself "I love you right now.  I love you for worrying.  I love you for being wise enough to move forwards positively and making the effort to step back in to carefreeness.  I love you, you're doing great".  When this reassurance comes from within, it is so powerful.  Ultimately the reassurance you are seeking is always from yourself.

Ok, so now you can either carry on on your positives and forget the worry, or if there's a positive action you can make to improve your circumstance then you can go about it with a more balanced and calm state of mind.  If you start to wobble with worry again - come back to this practise.  The fear will pass - no matter how terrifying it is.

What do you do to alleviate worry?  Please share your tips on how to be carefree in the comments section.

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