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It's human nature (and animal nature too) to want to be heard, understood, wanted, loved and cherished.  When we feel like another has 'got us', it is possibly one of the most meaningful experiences we can have.  Isn’t that, at the end of the day, what you want?

Here are 22 positive ideas to uplift, inspire and nourish others....

1. Get them dancing.  Liberating the body with music and dance liberates the mind, emotions and spirit too.  It could just be at home - whack Spotify on, and get grooving.

2. Go to a photobooth together and snap some shots - doing this annually, perhaps on their birthday, is an awesome way to create a library of your relationship over time

3. Buy some seeds, that are for native plants to your area, and go and plant them together.  Perhaps their garden - or get permission to plant them on wasteland or in a community area that could do with some fertility.  You're adding colour and the bees will thank you too!

4. Call someone on the telephone - so many of our interactions are via text, email or social - pick up the phone and hear the vibrations of what they're saying - and let them feel yours

5. Make a 'wanted' poster - put your friend's face on the poster with giant text reading 'wanted' - then in smaller text tell them WHY you want them

6. Watch clouds together and see what shapes you can see them make - obviously this is an activity for a day that is featuring blue skies and white clouds.  It's a free activity and it gives such a sense of freedom and dreaminess

7. Tell them something, every day for a week, that you appreciate about them

8. Get them to exercise with you.  Exercise is easily put off, but when you do do it you get such a release of feel-good endorphins.  Go for a jog in nature or pop a YouTube exercise video on

9. Give them a massage - if that's appropriate, and they like massages!  A hand massage is good because it's a nurturing and bonding thing to do but it's not toooooo intimate

10. Try out some laughing yoga.  I was first introduced to this whilst camping on a beach in Canada - and not long after I saw a WHALE swimming close to the shore.  But anyway...give it a feels very silly but once you get going it's hilarious!  It's true that feeling good make us smile…. but it's also true that smiling makes us feel good.  So get going with a forced laugh and it will soon to turn in to a real and radiant one that will boost your bubbles!

11. Find out the charity of their choice and donate an amount you can afford - the gesture of doing this shows you have not only been generous, but thoughtful by discovering exactly what they believe in and supporting that

12. Make them a healthy treat.  Sites like Deliciously Ella have plenty of recipe ideas that are 100% healthy AND exquisite!

13. Name something after them - it could be your bike or car, a pet or even your favourite mug or piece of clothing!

14. Find out what their biggest dream is and create it for them.  For example if they really want to go to Peru - you could create a Peruvian evening for them at your house.  You could make Peruvian food, deck the room out with relevant (bright) colours and some photos of Machu Pichu…  you get the idea!

15. Write a mini story where they are the hero

16. Write a song about them - even if it’s a silly one

17. While we’re on creativity - you could draw a picture of them, or, even better, how you FEEL about them.  It really doesn’t matter what standard your drawing skills are at - they will love the effort

18.  Buy them some flowers, a plant….or some herbs for their garden or windowsill.

19. Write a thank you letter to them - be specific about their unique qualities rather than writing something too generic - it will feel more personal and therefore more touching

20. Make someone natural bath salts.  This is easy to do - you can mix sea salt or Himalayan rock salts with essential oils and other natural bath treatments like epsom salts

21. Take them for a barefoot walk in nature - where it’s safe to do so of course.  Connecting to the earth like this - is said to be really good for the body because the earth has it’s own charge and when we make contact with it we feel grounded and our bodies can work more effectively.  I also think it feels very liberating!

22. Create a mock magazine article about their life as if they were a celebrated person - because they are!

Which one of the 22 suggestions are you going to try first?  Please share your positivity in the comments section.

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How to Connect with Someone & Be an Awesome Friend or Partner. 22 Ideas for Generating Joy for Others. Connect, Uplift & Inspire.


How to Connect with Someone & Generate Joy - 22 Ways to Show Someone They Are Loved, Wanted & Admired/Adored.


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