How to Be Happy. 7 Steps to Happiness & The Happiness Equation.



Video Transcript:

Happiness....that beautiful feeling that tells us that we're safe, we're free, that everything is ok, and we belong.  

Happiness is the RESULT of the lens we use to view the world.  When we make a pact with ourselves to think as positively as we possibly can, to learn tools that will help us master our minds and hearts, and to move forwards with the knowledge that we don't have to be perfect - that we're all works in progress - then we can be free to enjoy our lives for what they are - for what they can be.

Today I'm sharing some quick tips to help realign you into happiness.  And it is realignment - because happiness is our natural state.  I have an equation for this...

Happiness = you minus negativity.  When we remove the negative thoughts, we are free from suffering.  Only our own thoughts keep us suffering because they cause difficult emotions.  We are not naturally unhappy beings who can find bursts of happiness - which is what it can feel like and perhaps what we have been brought up to perceive.  It's the other way around - our true essence is always, deeply, content.  Beneath the negative thoughts is a place of calm bliss.

So here are seven ideas for strengthening your ability to return to happiness...

1.  Be kind to yourself - I say that a lot - because we all still need to learn how to do that.  For so many years our focus has been on survival.  But this is a new era - an era where we, as humans, learn how to have healthy self-esteem.  And it's taking a global self-esteem crisis to get us to wake up to it.  Self-esteem is the relationship we have with ourselves.  And that's the most important relationship we will ever have.  Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to master this stepping back into a place of self-love, non-judgement and gentleness.  Does this mean we don't try our best to achieve?  No. The opposite - by loving ourselves we have a much greater chance of achieving our life goals.

2.  Now comes the external reflection of being positive to ourselves. Build yourself an external environment of positivity - whether that's who you hang around with, what you read, or what you do.  Head towards the positive.

3.  Remember that the past is the past, and it doesn't need to define you, or determine your future.  You're always free to begin again, or evolve or change your lens on the world.  I am here to support you through this journey - there are many free tools you can find on the Bountologist website if you want to more forwards into a life of deeper happiness.  Because we weren't taught how to be happy.  We were taught so many things at school - but not how to be happy.  But you can learn now.  You can learn how to be happy, you can master happiness, you can be happier than you ever knew was possible.  

4.  Have something to look forward to.  Invest in yourself whether that's with social events or holidays or day trips to somewhere interesting, or into learning, or a hobby.   What ever would make you feel excited.  If you don't have much money right now that's ok - there are plenty of free things to do.  But always have something to look forward to.  

5. You're beautiful and perfect.  No matter how you feel, what you feel you've done wrong, or where you are in your life right are where you are meant to be.  Life is for us to learn and grow, we aren't supposed to be perfect - we're supposed to grow.  So get back up and keep going - you can do it.

6. Look after your health.  You know this already!  Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Drink enough water, sleep around eight hours a night.  Exercise most days - even if it's just a 15 minute YouTube video in your lounge.  Get into nature and breathe fresh air and reconnect with what's real. It can feel like effort just thinking about our health but the empowered feeling you get afterwards is well worth getting your butt out there.  And you deserve it.  When we look after ourselves we send an important message to ourselves - that we’re worth taking care of.

7. Get out of your comfort zone.  The comfort zone is just a way of trying to avoid suffering - and fear - and failure.  But you can't avoid life.  It will only bring regret.  Find out your purpose, live up to your dream.  If you don't ever even try then you can not actively succeed.  But if you do put yourself out there - no matter what the outcome - you ARE a success.  And knowing that you've done that brings JUICY, LUSCIOUS rewards of self-satisfaction and happiness.  

So there are lots of elements to happiness - I hope these insights give you a good taster.  Head over to the Bountologist website for more free tools to become the most positive, purposeful you.

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