The One Thing Successful People Do To Achieve Dreams


Video Transcript:

Today I want to show you something REALLY important.  If you properly get this it can change your life.  I’m going to make this concept really visual for you by showing you two drawings.   Don’t expect a DaVinci here but hopefully my squiggles will be enough to convey this idea to you.  It’s a good one and it’s going to help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

Ok, so drawing number 1.

This is how most people consider life.  In fact nearly EVERYone does - certainly to some degree.  
You’re here.  This line represents what you want to do, which finishes here.  The line could be, for example, to publish a book, or get a new job as your dream profession, or learn how to play an instrument.

So you go around doing what you want to do - following your dreams and purpose.  Then, you have something which you perceive as a big failure.  This failure tells you that every negative thing anyone - or yourself - ever said or thought about you was TRUE.  “You can not reach your dreams.  You are not worthy.  Success is only for a limited amount of people and you’re not special enough to be one of them”.  Recognise those kind of thoughts?

So, in your eyes, this puts you at the end of the line.  You tried but you didn’t succeed so you give up, probably feeling hurt and deflated.

Now let’s take a look at another, very different, picture.

In this picture, you’re here, and what you want to achieve is here.

This time something doesn’t work out - perhaps you get multiple rejections - or you forget something crucial which means that something doesn’t work out, or you upset someone, or you did something that the person in drawing 1 would consider a big failure.

BUT person number 2 knows the secrets - the ideas that I’m conveying to you today.  They know that NOTHING is a failure.  You can’t fail.  You can experience challenges, sure, but they aren’t really failures - they are just challenges to learn and grow from.


They also know that everyone fails.  Walt Disney for example, failed numerous times before he became a 5 BILLION dollar, global success.  But you see, before that he was unable to pay his home or office rent, had little to eat and went bankrupt... with many of his staff abandoning him.  But he kept going when nearly ANYone else would have given up believing that they weren’t good enough.  And that, at the end of the day, is usually the difference between someone who is successful and reaches their dreams, and someone who doesn’t.

Success is all about PERSISTENCE.


And when things don’t go right, look at what you can learn from them - and get back up again.  You can achieve your dream - you are here to live out a beautiful purpose.  

What’s your purpose - the one you really want to make a reality?  What would you really persist at?  Or how do you implement persistence yourself?  Please share your positivity in the comments section.

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