Find Inspiration, Relaxation & Wonder With the Clouds



Video Transcript:

I’m going to make a case for watching clouds.  And what they have to teach us.

Next time you have allowed your life to go at a million miles an hour - which is easy to do - and you start to feel overwhelmed or anxious or not good enough; a really useful thing to do is to lie on your bed looking out the window, or outdoors if possible, and watch the sky.  This is an activity for a blue sky with fluffy white clouds type-of-day...  You know….when the clouds have distinct shapes and move slowly.  Different layers of the clouds moving at different rates.  It may have a similarly calming effect on you as a walk in nature - it helps you feel centred, alive, calm.  It brings life into perspective.

Here are four things that I find INCREDIBLE about the sky - I hope you do too.

ONE. The sky is never the same - it’s like a huge canvas that is constantly forming new art.  It’s living art - like a perpetually changing sculpture - every formation is unique - the sky might never be the same again.  This moment is precious.  This moment is flourishing and flourishing, and we can flourish with it when we let go and go with the flow too.

TWO. The clouds CAN NOT make the wrong shape.  This is something I learnt from listening to Alan Watts - and so this video is a tribute to his profound knowledge and wisdom……….  The clouds just make the shape they make.  There is such a lesson in this concept if you can get it - that you, too, can not REALLY go wrong.  You just ARE.  You are perfect in whatever shape you are in in this moment.  Yes, you will change shape, and evolve, and move on.  But right now, you are, what you are - and that is beautiful.  

THREE. The power of looking UP.  Looking up makes you feel happier and more inspired. It’s a good thing to do when you want inspiration - well at any time really.  It’s the opposite to the looking down, moping body shape that we take on when we feel depressed.  And it works both ways - if you are already happy you’re more likely to look up.  AND by looking up, and feeling awe, you generate happiness.

...And lastly...

FOUR.  Beyond the clouds is space.  And out there are 100 billion stars, multiple galaxies, astronauts, black holes, planets….  When you take your thinking off your concerns and think big then you start to see that so much is possible.

Remember - having a sense of wonder is free, and it makes the difference between a wonderLESS life and a wonderFULL life.

So go beyond the everyday - push yourself to really see the truth of life - because it’s amazing.  And so are you!

What’s your favourite way to slow down and connect with nature?  I’d love to hear so please share your positivity in the comments section.

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