Alkaline (Positive) Thinking & Why It's Good For You



Today I want to discuss a concept with you - and I’d love for your feedback on this.  It’s about alkaline THINKING - what it is, why it’s good for you, and how you can implement it.  I’ve even got a positive challenge for you.  If I could sum up the consequence of alkaline thinking in one word it would be ‘radiance’.

So, you may have heard of EATING alkaline. I’ll give you a super brief summary before we move on to alkaline THINKING….

The body has a PH level which changes according to our lifestyles.  The body is at it’s most healthiest when it is in a state of slightly alkaline.  That’s around 7.4.  What we eat affects our PH levels.  Foods are rated on a spectrum.  From very acidic right over to very alkaline.

Very acidic substances include alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, sugar and fast, or very processed foods.

And as you move across the scale, still in acidic, you see foods such as meats, fish, wheat, dairy.  And into alkaline you find the plant based foods - fruit and veg and foods like buckwheat.  And in the very alkaline area would be foods like lemons and watermelons.  A lot of health and beauty advocates advise having a glass of water and lemon juice first thing when you wake up because it cleanses the system - well it also alkalises so it’s a doubly awesome thing to do!

When our bodies are at optimal alkaline levels, we look and feel RADIANT.  People are more likely to notice us and comment on how radiant we look.  And we’re much more likely to live a longer healthier life too according to many specialists who believe that being alkaline significantly reduces the chances of illnesses such as cancers.

So here’s where we move on to alkaline thinking...

We also know that experts - from a range of areas - have proven that POSITIVE thinking helps us be healthier. Whilst thoughts and emotions that are rooted in anger, anxiety and fear have a detrimental effect on us.  Now of course those sorts of emotions have their place - we need to feel them occasionally to help us to navigate away from something harmful, however if we dwell in those negative energies for long periods of time they can take a toll on our bodies - and our life experience.

Many people following the alkaline diet roughly follow the 80/20 rule.  That’s to say that if you eat approximately 80% or more alkaline - that’s fresh, plant based food, and 20% or less acidic food, then that could well be a healthy balanced diet that keeps you in the alkaline zone.  You’re giving your body what it needs to stay nourished.  

And we can apply that to thinking too…..

When we look at life with a truly positive approach and we dwell in positive thoughts and emotions such as joy, self-love, enthusiasm then we feel nourished, we feel good, we have what it takes to meet life with strength.

So, if we come back to our acidic and alkaline spectrum….  I would replace acid with fear, and alkaline with love.  And then across the spectrum we would see grief, victimhood, guilt, anger, judgement, disappointment, doubt through to neutral crossing over to acceptance, hope, optimism, excitement, to self-love, freedom, joy and gratitude.

When do you feel at your best?  When do you feel whole and balanced?  When do people tell you that you’re looking radiant?  It’s usually when you’re happy right?  

So here’s a challenge for you - become very aware of your thoughts.  Approach them with curiously and kindness - not with a critical analytical or judgemental approach - but with kindness.  ?Be honest with yourself - how many of your thoughts are positive?  Are at LEAST 80% radiantly positive?  They possibly aren’t - and you know what, that’s ok - because it’s easy to learn how to fix that.  What percentage of positivity do you think you’re running on at the moment and would you like to achieve a greater level of happiness and well-being in your life?  Please share your positivity in the comments section.

Our bodies are made up of around 60% water.  We are vibrational beings - that’s not just a hippy concept - it’s science - we’re energy.  Fear has a different vibration to love.  That’s why it makes us feel different.  If you walk into a room where something terrible has happened it has a different vibration - or feeling - to a room where there is a loving, joyous energy.  Right?

And who doesn’t want to look and feel radiant?.

For more ideas on positive thinking hop on over to the Bountologist website ….

And, if you want to learn more about alkaline eating then there is a huge range of information online - from recipes to theories and helpful advice.  One site you might enjoy is Live Energised  - a healthy chap called Ross runs that - so that might be a good place to start if you want to find out more.

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