- Feeling a deep sense of happiness everyday
- Being alive with energy, wonder and confidence
- Having the courage to follow your every dream
- Lighting up your life with positivity and high self-esteem
- Knowing the positive thinking techniques to get through any challenge


You've Got What it Takes to be Unconditionally Happy


Live Your Brightest, Boldest, Most Bountiful Life and...

Set yourself free by understanding life in a profound, positive way

Love yourself without limits.   Radically raise your self-esteem

No longer seek other’s approval 

Unconditionally love yourself and your life

Say goodbye to doubt, worry, pain and regret

Say hello to heightened confidence, choice and contentment

Gain absolute clarity on what’s important to you. Discover your vision and purpose to liberate your incredible future

Get in to the driver’s seat of your moxie and motivation

Reprogramme your mind for happiness, freedom, wholeness and health

Activate your true potential  and your authentic  life

Be rich in nourishing relationships, life experiences and financial independence

Join some of the most progressive and successful minds in the world with your leading-edge knowledge and approach to life



The Life Mastery Online Video Course, Workbook &  Guided Meditation



to Happy  & Vibrant

Online Self-Development Workshop Video Course 

The Life Mastery course is a comprehensive online video course   that will guide you through the highly valuable, life-enhancing knowledge you need to master your life.  You'll pause as you go along to enjoy the workbook activities which personalise the knowledge to you. It's a completely individual journey taken at your convenience - wherever and whenever suits you.

You'll receive your own, interactive, Life Mastery workbook with the video course.  It's full of enjoyable, insightful and engaging self-actualisation activities, quotes and strategies for you to explore. 

You'll also receive a complimentary  Bountologist meditation audio. The  'Raise It' guided meditation  experience is a high energy dose of radiant gratitude, appreciation and positive focus. You'll receive a download link and it's yours forever.

The outcome is that you'll discover how incredible and unique you are, and how to make rest of your self-defined life amazing with your new life mastery tools.


You  Need to
Master Life

The 10 Episodes of the Life Mastery Course - A Clear Path to Happiness

1. The 12 Potent & Liberating  Strategies  to Play - and Master - the Game of Life

2. Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Authenticity & Compassion

3. Gratitude Spiralling

4. Vision, Quests & How to Move Forward with Purpose

5. Reprogramme with Positive Beliefs

6. The Failure to Success Ethos

7. Harness Your Inner Strength

8. Unshakeable Confidence

9. Cultivate the Abundance Mindset

10. Absolute Activation and Actualisation of Your Aspirations




You're free to live the life of your dreams.  I'm here to help you


Why Choose the Bountologist as Your Life Mentor?

For the last 18 years I've studied personal development and self-actualisation, studying many of the most positive people and principles in the world.  By learning, adapting and shifting my thoughts and understanding of life to the perpetually positive; I literally retrained my brain from the mainstream pattern of self-criticism, worry and doubt, to a place of absolute empowerment with zero limitation.   

 Whether you're 16 years old or 96, regardless of gender, whether this is your first step into self-actualisation or you're experienced and want to hone your skills to can easily access the comprehensive wisdom here - the hard work has been done for you.  



Daily Celebration


Become the master of your own, very special life.  No matter who you are, where you are, or what you want - you deserve to live  your fullest, brightest potential - to celebrate every moment of your life.

You can  be the conscious creator of your life experiences.  When you step in to your power there truly are no limits.

Now is the perfect time to choose to shine.  I believe there's no better investment than investing in happiness and becoming our best selves - it changes the course of our lives for the positive and wow, are you worth that.

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