Deeply Enriching and Empowering Guided Meditations Crafted for the Modern Mind and Schedule.

Realign and programme your beautiful self for success, happiness and all-encompassing liberation and joy.


Each Bountologist meditation track features an empowering spoken guided meditation narrative which comes to life on a background of music and elevating female vocals.


Experience 1. 'Raise It'

Happiness and Gratitude Guided Meditation

Epic, empowering, and expansive meditation experience to boost your levels of joy to the sky and beyond.  

Here's a two minute sample from the track....


Experience 2. 'High Achiever'

Confidence, Focus & Success Guided Meditation

Radically motivating and energising.  Focus in on your undeniable power and potential and go out there and achieve your  wildest aspirations.

You can listen to  a two minute  audio clip here...


Experience 3. 'Bask in Bliss'

Loving Kindness Guided Meditation

Surely there's no greater act than to love yourself, others and life itself?   Connect, unwind and elevate your incredible self. 

Feel yourself  expanding with this two minute audio  sample...



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